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Felco Products, LLC was established in 1986 with its roots in the re-manufacturing of in-tank electric fuel pumps and fuel pump modules. At that time the Original Equipment (OE) market was transitioning from mechanical fuel pumps providing fuel to carburetors to the electronic fuel pump currently in use on fuel injected applications.

Early in Felco’s product review we determined that the re-manufacturing of an electric fuel pump was economically questionable as most of the components of the pump had been destroyed or worn beyond being salvaged. What we found was that dirt, rust and debris was the primary reason why the fuel pump failed or was worn out. Felco then set its sights on how to improve protecting the fuel pump from those conditions that caused it to prematurely fail.

As a result, Felco started to review all of the fuel inlet strainer designs in an attempt to improve how a pump can be better protected from contaminants contained within the fuel tank.

What Felco determined was that the nylon mesh designs and their micron ratings allowed far too much contamination to enter the pump and cause premature failure. As a result, we started the review of our introduction of gradient density filtering media, which is the most widely used material for today’s automobile after-market applications.

Currently, Felco Products is working very closely with the largest global OE fuel delivery suppliers with products that use not only gradient density material but also with material that was specified for the application.